Clarence Darrow and Social Equity

Law. Humanity. Mercy. 법, 인간, 그리고 자비. In 2015, “House of Card” star Kevin Spacey led the legal drama one-man show, “Clarence Darrow”, at Old Vic Theatre in London. The play describes Clarence Darrow as a witty, philanthropic, and head-strong lawyer. Although the play would not be the most accurate representation of this historical lawyer, it… Read More Clarence Darrow and Social Equity

Cheap tickets for Broadway & West-end shows

July 2015 Anyone who has always wanted to watch a play or a musical, but hesitated because of expensive costs? 현대 뮤지컬과 연극의 본고장 – 브로드웨이와 웨스트엔드를 갔지만 가격때문에 망설이시나요? I have watched Book of Mormon in $20, War Horse in £20, Les Miserables in $15, Miss Saigon in £20. All in the front row… Read More Cheap tickets for Broadway & West-end shows