Minnewaska State Park

Short getaway trip for New Yorkers! 뉴욕 주 북부쪽에 있는 미네와소카 국립 공원! 뉴욕 여행하시는 분이라면 여기도 꼭 추천해드리는 코스/루트입니다! 특히 렌트 하시는 분들! I drove with my friend from Flushing NY to Vassar and then headed to Minnewaska for a day trip! 저는 플러싱에서 포킵시(대학교 동네)로 갔다가 미네와소카로 갔습니다. (물론 친구 차) Check out… Read More Minnewaska State Park

[Movie Review] Green film festival – Let your kids OUT

2015 Winter, St. Andrews, Scotland Overview Out of all those famous film festivals in Europe– Oscar, Cannes, etc. — I proudly attended Green Film Festival. Well, basically I watched a movie, the very last one of the entire Green Film Festival hosted by St. Andrews University Student’s Union. Along with the review of the movie,… Read More [Movie Review] Green film festival – Let your kids OUT