Clarence Darrow and Social Equity

Law. Humanity. Mercy. 법, 인간, 그리고 자비. In 2015, “House of Card” star Kevin Spacey led the legal drama one-man show, “Clarence Darrow”, at Old Vic Theatre in London. The play describes Clarence Darrow as a witty, philanthropic, and head-strong lawyer. Although the play would not be the most accurate representation of this historical lawyer, it… Read More Clarence Darrow and Social Equity

Best Craft Beer in London, The Kernel Brewery (Spa Terminus)

For The Kernel Brewery interview and details : Click HERE Hidden Hot-spot in London: The Kernel Brewery in Spa Terminus. After reading a book about sustainable small businesses in London, I got interested in craft beers. And eventually visited the store that was written in the book – The Kernel Brewery. The Kernel Brewery and other food… Read More Best Craft Beer in London, The Kernel Brewery (Spa Terminus)

Travel + Save money + Save nature!

September 2015 When you travel, the budget cannot be ignored. Here are some tips based on my Europe travel. And some recommendations here not only save money, but also save environment. <1> Accommodation 1. Hostels : Use less Electricity/water/other maintenance fee. Hostel websites I usually used was and here are the lists of GOOD hostels that… Read More Travel + Save money + Save nature!

Cheap tickets for Broadway & West-end shows

July 2015 Anyone who has always wanted to watch a play or a musical, but hesitated because of expensive costs? 현대 뮤지컬과 연극의 본고장 – 브로드웨이와 웨스트엔드를 갔지만 가격때문에 망설이시나요? I have watched Book of Mormon in $20, War Horse in £20, Les Miserables in $15, Miss Saigon in £20. All in the front row… Read More Cheap tickets for Broadway & West-end shows

LONDON: So Much Going On, Yet So Little Time.

2015 Winter, London UK Honorable guest post by, Translated into Korean by SosunnyProject (게스트 포스팅 #1) SOSUNNYPROJECT : “Sometimes I’m curious why some people do not even bother to go all those great events happening around the city. Whenever I asked my friends to come with me, many of them hesitate. And even in general,… Read More LONDON: So Much Going On, Yet So Little Time.