“Not You” (360 VR Interactive Film)

Not You Team: Rebecca Poulson, Maxwell Foxman, So Sun Park, Erika Scott, Bunmi Sijuwade (TimeWaveFestival 2016 Spring Lab) Experience what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes in real life. This VR film is specifically directed to experience gender discrimination that females experience in professional workplaces. 본 프로젝트는 사회문제와 관련된 주제로 360 VR… Read More “Not You” (360 VR Interactive Film)

Augmented Beatz (MIT VR/AR Hackathon, 2016)

Video Demo In this October, me and my team at MIT Media Lab Hackathon created the DJ mixer set in Hololens (augmented reality) platform. We used gaze control/gesture control/audio trigger/color change for User Experience. Below is the short review video focused on Hololens and our project. MIT media lab이 주최한 해커톤에서 마이크로소프트 홀로렌즈 기기를 대여해서… Read More Augmented Beatz (MIT VR/AR Hackathon, 2016)