NYU ITP 2016 Winter Showcase Visit

Visited NYU ITP winter showcase.
Recorded short snap videos of the installation.
And here are quick explanations/reviews of
each installation I recorded.

Overall, many different levels of the projects.
Sometimes simple ones are better,
sometimes the concept behind the project is more inspiring
and creative than what you see.
One thing in general, when the project is visually attractive
and well designed, audience approaches faster.

Each project detail written inย theย order of the videos.

  1. Sensors

Illuminated Path (Yeseul Song): The light bulb follows you.
Kinect camera recognizes you and activate the motor.
When there is more than one person below the light bulb,
it calculates the midpoint. The light also dims
when the sensor sees no one.

The Audiences: Little minions follow you.
Thereโ€™s a Kinect installed and it calculates your location.

Socially sustained Ecologies: Little fluffy ones slowly
pops in and out of the holes. They hide when someone is
close enough but does not cover them with his/her arm.
When people are away from the installation or
wraps their arms around the fluffy creatures,
they pop out to show their entire shapes. I didnโ€™t know
the name of the installation. It felt like when a person
(whoโ€™s kind of shy) interacts with another person
for the first timeโ€”cuz social networking is hard.

Picself: Virtually draw on the screen.
Using the green screen effect makes it so much magical.
When you cover yourself with the green color cloak
(like the guy in the video does), you will disappear
like Harry Potterโ€™s invisibility cloak.

Fortune on Hand: Not sure how it works. You put the
pins on your birth date and put your hands on the installation.

  1. Music X Tech

Spin the Lamps: 3 different wheels with piano/drum/melody beats.

Dimensions of Wave: Draw the line on the local-host
website, and the physical installation moves and creates the sound.

Singing in the Rain: Records the voice and p5 translates
the voice into sound frequency. The frequency is then
changed to the rain images that are projected on the screen.
When that projected raindrop images touch the
actual piano keyboard, it plays the according note.

The Water Synth: Each vertical water stream
has the sensor at the top pipeline. When you
put your hands below each sensor, you inevitably
touch the flowing water.

Shaping Characters: Initially thought it is
the musical instrument, but its name sounds
like it was a virtual game selecting different


  1. Othersย interesting projects

Operator: A huge wooden analogue-styled machine.
It has a telephone you can call (rolling pad) can many buttons.
You press red button to record different words/phrases.
If youย plug the cord in different spots, each plays the
recorded sound with a different sound effectโ€”
pitch/tone/oscillation. Very interesting, big, and quite stylish.

Pop up forest: Future of children books!
Characters appear on the projected screen
when you flip the pieces or the paper.
Using haptic senses seems to be crucial
for brain development, but most children
are starting their touch experience with 2D screen.
Maybe this kind of collaboration between paper
and digital would be a better children book than just a smartphone.

Atomu: There are sensors at the back of the installation.
It calculates the depth and if the user pushes
the screen deep enough, it shows the inner side of
human body. Tactile and educational.

Marriage Machine: how straight couples get through
this world, but the world does not easily let
gay/lesbian/queer couples pass.

Village LIVE: AR x vuforiaโ€”it recognizes the photo images
and play the according videos. It is a good prototype
that can be developed into the tourist map/historical
explanation booklet which can show what is where
or what happened where. They might work on map location
sensor function.

Dating App: virtual reality but open dating game.
Combined digital screen, traditional game pad,
sensor-installed stick, interactivity, and pre-recorded film.

(not in the video) โ€œNoโ€ Boxes: Constantly reactive.
The maker said because people tend to rely on machines
so much, she wanted to reverse that experience.
So itโ€™s not โ€˜technical difficultyโ€™ but the imperfection of technology.





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