North Carolina State Fair (Local development)

North Carolina State Fair happens every October in 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607. I visited it once last year and was surprised by how big this local event was and how many people participated it. To be honest, until right before I arrived its entrance, I was suspicious of the scale of the fair. However, the overall system was very well-organized and the contents of the events were also quite exemplary. Other local or regional events may find this helpful to learn from. 


Cash? NOPE. 4 cans of sweet corns will be your ticket. (at least it has been like this until 2014.) 2015 website sells tickets with exact amount of cash, but hopefully this tradition still goes on in some way. The canned corns were used for donations to the local community. This system definitely contributes to its “brand” as a sustainable state fair.



Funnel cake! This was my first time every trying it! I wouldn’t lie; it looked vvvvery gross… BUT it was so sweet and addicting… Other than Funnel cake, there were a lot of food menus that you can chose – hotdogs, pizza, doughnuts, churros, pretzel etc.

Amusement park

IMG_3988And a huge doll as a prize from the games.

Good Cause

These ponies were rescued from neglectful homes and shelters across the United States. Your questions are welcomed. We always have ponies for sale to good homes. CowBoy Attractions (352-572-1875)”

Local Merchants or Vendors

Drawings, Kitchen Craft workshop, Hand-made Ice creams, Hot and fresh corn breads..

Since farming is still a thing in this local area, there was a vendor selling a tractor during the auction. Some pop-up event was going on in the Tobacco museum, and regional/local bands were performing (seemed like sponsored by Subway, the sandwich company).


Nature-friendly location and decorations ❤


↑that was a PERSON disguised as a walking tree, which freaked a lot of people out in the fair

Other exhibitions

History and posters of NC state fair.

Historical traces of the state and this specific event, this exhibition room conveyed some sort of pride to the citizens. Such booth seems like an essential one to install in any local or cultural events. Of course, it is not a super-entertaining exposition that attracts many people, but a lot of audiences even shortly stopped by. Even a glimpse of looking around the history and background would help to remind people about the importance of the event and boost their self-esteem as part of the community.


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