[Movie Review] Green film festival – Let your kids OUT

2015 Winter, St. Andrews, Scotland
Copyright @ Transition, Sosunnyproject.wordpress.com
Copyright @ Transition, Sosunnyproject.wordpress.com


Out of all those famous film festivals in Europe– Oscar, Cannes, etc. — I proudly attended Green Film Festival. Well, basically I watched a movie, the very last one of the entire Green Film Festival hosted by St. Andrews University Student’s Union. Along with the review of the movie, since SkillShare Extravagance is happening tomorrow in St. Andrews, I would like to give out a brief information about it!

Copyright @ Transition, Sosunnyproject.wordpress.com
Copyright @ Transition, Sosunnyproject.wordpress.com

If you are in St. Andrews, I think you MUST visit this venue, The Byre Theatre – it’s extremely beautiful at night.In Saint Andrews, it was located in the Byre theater is located right next to St. Andrews University – Scotland’s prestigious university. The theater has huge and comfy sofas inside.

I actually hesitated if I should watch the movie or not, but as soon as I saw this place (which was the screening location for the movie), I immediately decided to watch it.


Copyright @ Transition, Sosunnyproject.wordpress.com
Copyright @ Transition, Sosunnyproject.wordpress.com

Movie Review

A photo above shows a brief summary of the movie, Project Wild Thing. It is a very cute and inspiring movie. Watching his kids obsessed with TV, Internet, smartphones, video/online games, David Bond decides to create a campaign to let British kids OUT. He consults with a lot of marketing & branding advisors from well-known companies. He has finally solidified his idea, a very simple but game-changing idea – let children play outside

The preview of this short movie ↓

So he calls himself as a marketing director of NATURE. It sounds quite funny, but the film shows that it is ridiculously hard to be a marketer of nature. A lot of creative directors and professionals help him to come up with interesting programs/games that will attract kids to play outdoor, instead of watching TV or playing computer games. He, then, visits schools to see if his idea actually has a potential – basically, a market research. He communicates with many younger generations (elementary – middle school students) to understand their perspectives and get feedbacks.

He finally launches the mobile application and official website called Project Wild Thing. His *business* is getting advertised on huge screens in the cities; he attends conferences and concerts (including a hipster festival in U.K.) to introduce it; he also gives out numerous pamphlets in shopping mall, train stations, and etc.

I personally enjoyed the movie because it was adventurous, challenging, but realistic at the same time. It does not fantasize the idea of  nature and going back to nature-friendly lifestyle. If it did, I would have less appreciated his struggles and hardships he went through to implement his project. Watching every step he went through, I understood the importance of changing our anti-nature lifestyle. People talk a lot about sustainability or environment-friendly policies, but only few act out their ideas. As always, action speaks louder than words. Whether David Bond’s project has ended successfully, his attempts and trials were worthy and valuable. Hopefully someone follows his step and develops this project further.

(little spoiler)
In the beginning of the movie, it seems like everything is going very well – great counselors and helpful feedbacks. But, obviously there’s a lot more big companies who easily take people’s attention from this NATURE project. His campaign advertisement is removed from the billboard. Then, he turns his eyes to his children. This whole thing started from his own kids, but he forgot about them while working as a marketing director of NATURE. He realizes that he needs to spend more time with his children outside together. Maybe that is an another alternative step to advertise Project Wild Thing (instead of sending numerous emails to advertising companies or calling partners and consultants). And maybe that is what he wanted to tell us — if every one of us bring kids around us to outdoors and play in nature, we are contributing to his project as another marketers of NATURE.

 Short after-review about Green Film Festival

The selection of their activities including movie screening and nature-friendly experience were inspiring. (You can check out more about their programs here: https://goo.gl/C3TxAC .)

++At the end of the film, volunteers did raffle and had so many great gifts for the participants. (You had to buy raffle tickets, but the profits were donated.)


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