Subway into Club – Tokyo, Japan

ย  Changing the subway into the music club
— Why not?

Seibu Railway X Cyberjapan Dancers X AgeHa

Imported this video from Facebook, thinking that this is..
– A good material to inspire any abandoned small confined spaces to be developed into a new attraction.
-Fundamentally, a great PR marketing event as well ๐Ÿ™‚


Basically Seibu Railway, Ageha (nightclub), and several artists collaborated for this project. And below is more details about WHY and HOW this event was created (from Tokyo Girls Update)

Party time on the party train:
The ageHa train has been created to provide a coordinated PR opportunity for Seibu Railway via the Ikebukuro line and Yurakucho line, as well as Tokyo Metroโ€™s Yurakucho line to encourage more people to ride those lines.

This is the first event of its kind to take off in Japan and has been made possible through a collaboration of Seibu Railway and ageHaโ€™s efforts. Participants of this event party it up for approximately 40 minutes on the train as it travels from Seibu Railwayโ€™s Nerima station to Tokyoโ€™s metroโ€™s Shinkiba station on the Yurakucho line. Travel on the Yurakucho line has been made possible through the cooperation of Tokyo Metro.

After getting off at Shinkiba station, train riders are almost guaranteed to have made some nice bonds along the way, and the party will then step into its second stage. This stage of partying will involve the coupling event known as ageKON and after this has been completed, participants will move on to party at ageHa club, where they can move between their desired areas of the club.

And did a little research about this group in the video…

  • ย AgeHa is the nightclub and event space in Shin-Kiba, Tokyo, Japan.
  • ย CyberJapan Dancersย is the group of dancers that perform in different events and festivals including Sensation White/Black music festival, Ultra Japan, and Bikini night parties. Surprisingly, they are much more legit that I thought – Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Website.ย It seems like they started as a performing dancers in the club/nightclub scenes and now moving up to more public events. (Because it’s Japan. When it comes to sexual contents, almost nothing seems impossible there.) Recently, they have collaborated with other DJs and performers as well. And this video is part of such projects.

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