Best Craft Beer in London, The Kernel Brewery (Spa Terminus)

For The Kernel Brewery interview and details : Click HERE

Hidden Hot-spot in London: The Kernel Brewery in Spa Terminus.

After reading a book about sustainable small businesses in London, I got interested in craft beers.
And eventually visited the store that was written in the book
The Kernel Brewery.

The Kernel Brewery and other food factory+stores (Cheese, Jam, Bread, Coffee) are in the place called Spa Terminus.
The entire venue was originally an abandoned place under the rail track architecture. And now it’s a brilliant wholesale food marketplace.

Spa Terminus has taken a section of railway arches and is working with Network Rail and Southwark Council to restore the area to an industrious manufacturing base supplying food destinations throughout London and the UK.

I would love to introduce what are in this amazing sustainable market. Since the venue fundamentally functions as a group of factories, the stores are only open to public on Saturdays 9 or 10 am to 2 or 3pm.

First things first. The Kernel Brewery




As soon as you enter The Kernel Brewery, you will see these craft beers lined up. As it is a microbrewery, a small number of workers rotate brewing work every week. Thus, it comes up with new types of beers every week or month, creatively developed by the workers. Even though it is the conventional beer (e.g, IPA ) produced everyday, the beer may taste a bit different and unique every week, reflecting the brewer’s personality (which you will never experience in other places or pubs).


This is the quick shot of the inside of the factory, behind the counter, where all those fresh and unique beers are made. Each container for each beer!


Next to the counter, You will see this black chalkboard saying,

“Feel Free to Bring In Food. We Recommend You Visit Our Fellow Traders. However, Please Pick Up Your Rubbish and Put It In The Bins Provided. And Help Keep Tables Clean For Others. Thanks.”

Encouraging customers to try other stores in Spa-Terminus perfectly describes the atmosphere of this marketplace. I will talk about Spa Terminus more in the next posting, but it is the community that supports small (food) entrepreneurs and respects their passion. People working here all care about each other and buy food from their neighbors. I would dare to say this is the perfect marketplace community.

Back to The Kernel..


What is this?


Freshly brewed beers of Today!

On the back counter, you can also buy a beer to drink in the store (not as a bottle). These are JUST freshly brewed. Therefore, the menus of Today’s fresh craft beers would be different every week.  After interviewing him shortly about the brewery and Spa Terminus, he allowed me to take sips of each beer — all amazing. However, the rightmost beer, London Sour Cherry beer, was my favorite among them.

If you are willing to visit The Kernel Brewery (or if you’re already there), it’s totally worthy to check out other vendors in Spa Terminus. Again, you can check out the list of stores in its website –> Spa Terminus.


Introducing other vendors in Spa Terminus

< The Little Bread Pedlar>




Ugh, this was so good.
Especially, Ciabatta..!
Their breads were as good as the ones I ate in local bakeries of Southern France.


Little desserts can be a bit pricey, but large loafs of bread are cheap and delicious.




You would not want to miss this ham and cheese, if you bought breads.


You can taste some bites, so take a look into the store.


 Handmade, Homemade Jams!






  Monmouth coffee serves a high quality of coffee – almost felt like my father’s handcrafted coffee. 🙂


All the workers were nice and welcomed any questions about Monmouth and coffee in the stores.


I usually don’t drink coffee because cups of coffee I’ve tried in large chain coffee shops often made me sick. However, Monmouth coffee was different. It was pure and not artificial at all — no stomach ache YAY.


<Dessert factory>




Do not miss this amazing tasting bar as well..!


Spa Terminus is my favorite localized sphere among the examples of urban development of abandoned areas. And it is definitely worthy to expand this idea to a lot more places that are in need of better ideas for better economy and sustainable community. (more stories will be in upcoming posts…)

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