Travel + Save money + Save nature!

September 2015

When you travel, the budget cannot be ignored. Here are some tips based on my Europe travel. And some recommendations here not only save money, but also save environment.

<1> Accommodation

Random photo of london street
Random photo of london street

1. Hostels :

Use less Electricity/water/other maintenance fee.

Hostel websites I usually used was and here are the lists of GOOD hostels that I used

  • Walrus Bar & Hostel (London, UK) : Very good location, Nice workers, and Free Breakfast
  •  360 Hostel Arts&Culture  (Barcelona, Spain) : Super spacious, Nice kitchen, Vibrant energy, Good people
  • Las Musas (Madrid, Spain) : 24 hour counter, Helpful workers, Clean rooms, Good location, Free small breakfast
  • Wombats city Hostel (Vienna, Austria) : Big and new, Not a bad price, Decent location
  • Hostel Elf (Prague, Czech) : Far from the center, Good Price, Free breakfast, Nice workers, Discount voucher for nearby restaurant ; Sklep Restaurant (so delicious and cheap)
  • The Westend Hotel (Edinburgh, Scotland) : Need to walk a bit from the center, Good and clean facilities, Spacious

2. Airbnb:

Use with 3+ people. Then it will definitely be cheaper than hostels. I used it in Naples and Rome. Be aware that, in Rome, you have to pay separate extra tax (per person) in person.

3. Couchsurfing:

Perfect to learn the culture but be careful. If someone asks you to sleep in the same bed or behave somewhat creepy, please just stop there. Just get a hostel. Safety is always the first thing you should consider. Otherwise, couchsurfing is the perfect way to adapt to the culture and current residency.

4. Friend’s house!

Simply the BEST option. In return, what about cooking for your friend and preparing some gifts for them?

<2> Food


Sklep Restaurant in Prague (Praha), Czech
Sklep Restaurant in Prague (Praha), Czech

1. Don’t buy snacks too much. Instead, try to eat big meals. Eating snacks are not only bad for your health, but also make you hungrier and feel not enough…

2. Restaurants: Check if they have student discount (some places had it lol), lunch set special. When you have no idea where to go, wander around to find TripAdvisor stickers. Those places are usually decent.

3. Discount vouchers:

  • Budapest – Hop on Hop off gave us vouchers that we can use in almost 10+ restaurants/cafes to eat and drink.
  • Prague – Hostel Elf provides restaurant vouchers (Sklep Restaurant ) to guests if you ask an advice for nearby restaurants. Lucky!

<3> Transportation

Pirene mountains - while on Bla Bla car from Paris to MadridPyrenees mountains – while on Bla Bla car from Paris to Madrid

1. Train and Express Bus:

  • Renfe,
  • Eurolines (major cities in Europe)
  • Student Agency (Prague company – connected to Prague from most eastern european cities and some western)
  • Orange Bus (has more connections in eastern ~ German cities)

2. Bla Bla Car: Share a car and meet new people! Take enough time to look around landscape and you will feel like you are on your personal trip. Not that cheap, but worth trying it when you have no other way of transportation. And wasting less oil as well ! (But check the review of the driver *Necessary*)

3. Bus or Subway: Paris/Madrid/Barcelona/Vienna/Rome etc. most of them have discounted package tickets for public transportation. Instead of buying 1-day or 7-day tix, I would recommend get a set of 10 tickets or 20 tickets.

4. Walking : If your destinations are quite close from where you’re and weather is okay, why not walk around? You will see more of the city and exercise as well haha. I walked TOO MUCH for 45 days… Almost walked 3-4 hours at least per day. It’s painful at first, but when you get used to it, Super-Healthy!

<4> Airline


Don’t worry about liquids!

1. Vueling, Ryanair : Airlines that you can use baggage service for free even though you buy the cheapest tickets

2. Easyjet : You have to buy the service fee for baggage claim. Lots of promotions though!


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