Revealing the secret To-do-list in Oxford

Here is my Guest Post for ❤ Please check out this before you visit Oxford. Click this link right below here! (View Original link is currently not working. Sorry about that )

친구 블로그에 올린 게스트 포스트입니다!! 요 링크 클릭하시면 원본 포스팅이 나와요!


Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

A very comprehensive list of to-do secrets in Oxford by SoSunnyProject ,  I personally loved reading it!  I haven’t been to Oxford myself, but the next time I go, it won’t be just to Bicester Village!  Well, enough of me, I’ll let you move on to read So Sun’s delightful first guest post on my blog!  – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Sosunnyproject for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

As an exchange student from Vassar college (New York, United States), I have tried to use much of my time to travel and experience London as well as other parts of UK. My first ever travel outside of London in UK & my MOST memorable trip was Oxford and Cambridge.

While a lot of other exchange students join a tour group ( something like UKstudy tours ; it actually looks quite nice travel agency for exchange students – not too…

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2 thoughts on “Revealing the secret To-do-list in Oxford

  1. You got to see a lot of Oxford. I love the Eagle & Child (strange name!) and I love Freuds in the church. But the best bit of Oxford is walking along the river banks, or punting or going to Iffley Meadows and seeing the beautiful wild flowers, especially snake’s head fritillaries. Or just bumping into friends in the high street (this definitely tricky but it’s a small city). Nicola


    1. That is actually true! I loved the atmosphere of Oxford in general. Peaceful, nature-loving, but at the same time it has quite a lot of things to enjoy. I did punting in Cambridge instead but wanna try Oxford punting later 🙂

      I also think the impression of travelling is highly determined by your companion! And maybe that’s why I enjoyed Oxford so much — my friend was the best personal tour guide and a buddy haha


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