Happy Pancake Day! Easy peasy way to SUPPORT charities & HAVE FUN in London

2015 Winter — London, UK

PANCAKE DAY? 팬케이크 데이?

Happy Pancake day! Apparently, here in London (and European countries), people celebrate Tuesday in seventh week before Easter, day before Ash Wednesday as Pancake day (Time out London) or Shrove Tuesday (wikipedia).

This celebration has originated from religious background — “make a special point of self-examination, of considering what wrongs they need to repent, and what amendments of life or areas of spiritual growth they especially need to ask God’s help in dealing with.” (from wikipedia)

해피 팬케이크 데이! 아시아나 미국에서 한 번도 들어본 적 없는 팬케이크 데이. 영국에서 이 날을 기념한다 길래 도대체 이건 무슨 날인가 싶었습니다. 알고보니 이스터 데이 (유럽에서는 이스터 방학이 정말 큰 브레잌이죠) 7주 전의 화요일에 Shrove Tuesday / Pancake day 를 기념한다고 해요.

이 날은 이스터와 비슷하게 종교적 전통에서 비롯되었습니다. 위키피디아에 의하면 이 날에는 자기성찰/회개를 하고 영적 성장을 도모하기 위해 신에게 기도를 하곤 했다네요! 사순절에 금욕을 위해서 칼로리 높은 음식들을 그전에 해치워야 했고 그러기엔 팬케이크가 짱이다 보니 팬케이크를 먹는 날이 되었다고 해요. 여기 이 블로그에 보면 그 유래에 대해서 자세하게 설명되어 있네요!





How do people celebrate Pancake day now in London? 런던에서는 어떻게 기념할까?

Pancake race day_from Time out London No.2316
Pancake race day_from Time out London No.2316
Pancake race day_from Time out London No.2316
Pancake race day_from Time out London No.2316
Pancake race day_from Time out London No.2316
Pancake race day_from Time out London No.2316


When I first found this, I seriously thought it was a joke. Frying pancake and flipping it while racing?

What are you guys doing…

But now I wish I can be there (only if I did not have classes today!) — everyone can participate this race! Not so sure if there is an actual award for it, but apparently this is quite a huge event for people, and especially for the restaurant (breakfast or pancake places) workers/owners.

More interesting I found was that this event does not just end as an entertainment. It cooperates with charity organizations and donate the profits to them.

Keeping tradition in a very entertaining way, supporting the regional restaurants and economy, and encouraging the donations in everyday life — think it’s meaningful in many ways

Involving the charity in this event especially sounds appealing to me because in Korea, making donations is definitely not an everyday activity. Here in London, I saw quite a lot amount of money inside the donation boxes in many different museums or official but free exhibitions kind of stuff — which was amazing…

The system of Pancake Race day Festival definitely makes the idea of helping others (community care) more approachable — you can do that in easy peasy way just by participating exciting events like this! What’s so difficult about it ? (unless you have classes like me…)


처음에는 정말 진지하게 이런 걸 하나 싶었어요.. 후라이팬에 팬케이크를 담고 뒤집으면서 레이스를 한다고?


그런데 행사에 대해서 자꾸 보다보니  재미있어 보이대요… 브런치 식당같은 곳에서도 팬케이크 프로모션도 정말 많이 하더군요!




Just hope this race goes longer than just few hours or MORE discounts/special prices for pancakes by restaurants to make this event bigger and more engaging!

Westminster, London Bridge, and Liverpool! Not too late to watch the race!

Thanks for TimeOut London for good information always… ❤ 

2 thoughts on “Happy Pancake Day! Easy peasy way to SUPPORT charities & HAVE FUN in London

  1. Yes pancake flipping and pancake racing are a big deal in the UK, and fun. British people tend to do crazy activities if it raises money for charity or is a distraction for the kids… and then they might remember the original reasons which i was told was to use up fat (butter, milk) before the long weeks of rent when you were meant to deny yourself anything delicious. A few people give up one thing for Lent (or maybe take a positive action up) but not many these days. And this year as my kids weren’t in London I haven’t even had a pancake. So much for tradition! Nicola


    1. It was very interesting to get to know about background story of the event! I feel like England puts a lot of effort to keep/sustain tradition in many ways and I love that! I also think it is really good that British people are really into raising money for charity 🙂


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